Store - WI

PGR Wisconsin Patch
3 1/2" diameter, full embroidered
$6.00 each
incl. shipping
PGR Wisconsin Sticker
3 1/2" diameter, Adhesive Back
$5.00 each
incl. shipping

How To Order
1. Send check or Money Order, made out to "Patriot Guard Riders Wisconsin" to:

    Annette Meyer
    E8853 Cty Tk HH
    New London, WI 54961

2. On-line via PayPal
     The account for Patriot Guard Riders Wisconsin is "pgrwisc@hotmail.com"
     -also(as PayPal does not notify us of incoming orders), you must send an email to JCurran516@aol.com with     your name, address, quantities ordered and your PGR and PayPal nicknames.

"Chappy" Memorial patches are available from John Curran at $5.00 per patch.
Send check or Money Order made out to "Patriot Guard Riders Wisconsin", along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

    John Curran
    148 Kings Court
    Dodgeville, WI 53533

Store - National

PGR members should always access the PGR store from the main website. As a member, you should log in to the main website using your password and either your PGR username or email address. When selecting the PGR Store menu option, you will not be prompted for a password or username. If you are, then please send an email to the accounts team at accounts@patriotguard.org , and they will reset your store access.

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