State Captain's Message

Wisconsin - Statewide

Desperate Plea

National PGR Website Staffing - Help Wanted!!!

Currently, our critical national support teams are seriously under staffed. Both the Moderator Team and the Mail Team have fewer people than they really need in order to do what we ask of them now. We have no way to reduce the work load even a little.

We need more support so if you are:

  • Computer Savvy
  • Familiar with basic mission flow
  • Available have time to offer to this important mission element
  • A confirmed Patriot dedicated to those whom we serve
Let me know. This is great for someone who has physical disability which makes standing the Flag Line exceedingly difficult. Please understand, not everyone would make a good Mod or Mail Team member so please..........no hurt feelings if someone is not selected. It's a difficult job and the training is rather intense. Both functions are critical to the operations of the PGR.

If you'd like to help, write me at SC@patriotguard-wi.org and send me a brief biography and all contact information (phone, snail mail, email) and two references in the PGR. I will forward the information to the team leaders and you will be contacted by Larry Mullen (Chief Moderator), Kevin O'Brien (Mail Team Director) or Robert 'Gator' Collins (Director of Operations).

Thank you all for what you've done and to those who might consider this extremely important task.


John Curran
State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders - Wisconsin