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Patriot Guard Riders - Wisconsin
February 2018 Newsletter

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Brothers and Sisters,

As most of you are aware, we are experiencing significant growth within our group, both in membership and in activities (service requests). In order to continue with the great things we have done for our veterans and military families, we need your help to manage and support this growth.

We need members who are willing to step up and help share the load. We need people to assist with our Help on The Homefront Programs (HOTH), including:

  • Operation Share the Warmth
  • Operation Christmas Angel
  • Camp Serenity
  • Missions of Hope and Goodwill
If you want a good indication of the effect we've had on others, just glance at our Facebook page

We'd also like to expand awareness of who we are and what we do through public relations throughout the state. Using some media coverage (local papers and radio) and attending local events with an information booth can increase membership. Only then can we promote our services to more areas. It will be a fine line to inform while we remember - it's all about service to others and it's never about us.

We'd like to start semiannual Meet and Greets / "Fun" raisers to allow us to gather under better than usual circumstances. We may include silent auctions, picnics, or Scavenger Rides in to benefit those we serve.

We, of course, always need Ride Captains. There are only two for the western half of the state and those on the "East Coast" have been overworked for some time (though they never complain). Best job you'll ever have.

If you can't make this event, we ask that you make our most important events and commit to at least one mission this year. For our current membership count and the number of missions we have, that would almost triple our presence at each mission. Being a member and supporter of the PGR is wonderful, however there is a lot more that everyone can do. We are a 100% volunteer operation and membership is free but there are certain obligations that come along with membership. To be blunt, you earn the right to call yourself a Patriot Guard Rider by being active.

We are just asking you all to consider bringing your energy, enthusiasm, and goodness to those who have sacrificed so much and asked nothing in return. When we get to the end, wouldn't it be great if some of those who knew us thought we "made the world a better place."?

Join us March 10th (and bring friends). We'll be starting promptly at 11:00 a.m. We will order lunch off the menu at 12:00 (and tip generously, we are getting the room for free!). Meet at:

Helen's Kitchen 1116 W Main Waupun, WI 53963

Drop me a line if you are coming so we have an estimated head count: SCREMOVE@patriotguard-wiREMOVE.org

John Curran
State Captain


Mark Goebel
Assistant State Captain

Patriot Guard Riders - Wisconsin