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Patriot Guard Riders - Wisconsin
March 2018 Newsletter

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Brothers and Sisters,

We had a great meeting awhile back and wanted you to know what happened. First, a few thoughts for HOTH programs:

Operation Christmas Angel
We would like 5 staff to work with Mark. Preliminary assignments are: Client Outreach - Angel Outreach - Applicant intake and Vetting - Assignment and Tracking - Distribution logistics

The title gives you some idea of the tasks involved and we do have 3 volunteers. If you would like to be part of the team, contact Mark or me. I'd like to get a well-defined process in place late summer so we can share our program with other states.

Share the Warmth
In a similar note, we'd like 4 volunteers for Share The Warmth as there are other locations (the VA Hospitals and Clinics) that can get warm clothes to those in need. Looking for: Client Outreach - Collection Point Outreach - Collectors / Sorters - Distribution logistics

Missions of Hope and Goodwill
We need to document what we do to support our requests for help as well as for legal / tax reasons. Donation documentation - intake of materials, add to inventory, prep valuation for Treasurer (Thank You and receipt) Additional purchases into inventory. Request documentation - who did we help, vetting requests, inventory reduction (all inventory in Drop-Box spreadsheet).

Camp Serenity
General volunteers - more details as we get closer. While this is a great time for the families, it's also a great time for us to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Media Contacts
We need to contact media outlets to share our story. You know what we do but, as you know, most people only find out about us after missions. We'd like to get the word out especially in the West so we can offer our services to more people. We can't very well offer to attend missions and have no one show up. Some folks looking for media contacts are:

  • Green Bay / Appleton - Andy B
  • Milwaukee / Kenosha - Chris Valenti
  • Madison - John C
  • Wausau / Wisconsin Rapids - NEED A CONTACT
  • La Crosse - NEED A CONTACT
  • Janesville - NEED A CONTACT
  • Spooner - NEED A CONTACT
  • Superior - NEED A CONTACT
  • American Legion - John C
Use the Mission Forums
You know we have seen delays in the processing of the Missions through National but the actual, official forum is our place to go for the mission. Whether you are attending or not, PLEASE take the time to go to the Mission Thread once National gets the announcement out and express your condolences to the family and your gratefulness for the Hero that served.

If you are attending, please post that you're coming, where you're coming from and if you want to ride in with folks (meeting place and ETD) i.e. I'm honored to attend the mission for this hero and will be bringing the bike with flags. I'll be at the BP station at 4th and Main in Anytown, WI with an ETD of 8:00 a.m. if anyone wants to join me. Remember, it's always a comfort to ride with a friend.

You can also post if you'll get there early and want to stage at a coffee shop or ?? "Staging at the funeral home is 9:00 so if anyone is early, I'll be at Kathy's Koffee Kup sometime after 8. It's 3 blocks east on 1st Ave."

More public relations
We are often asked to speak to groups and would like to build a PowerPoint presentation that shows the people we've stood for. It may take a while and will probably take 3-4 folks so if you can help, contact me directly.

Everyone should have a flag.
I've mentioned it before that we have a few flags with every Ride Captain but often have more members than we have flags. There is also the possibility that the Ride Captain is delayed and late for a mission. Every member should have a flag available and there are two threads in the Wisconsin Forum that cover how to build or buy a flag of your own as well as a bit on Flag Etiquette.

Constant Contact Sign-up
We're having pretty good results with Constant Contact. The notice is out within seconds and about 70% open the e-mails within a few hours. Please pass this along to other members that may not get it (as it's being sent to those who HAVE registered.

Click link for: Constant Contact Sign-up

New Treasurer
Thanks again to Tony Van Kampen for stepping up as our Treasurer. You may send donations directly to Tony:

Tony Van Kampen
E7724 Ostrander Road
New London, Wisconsin 54961

Ed Bergey Memorial Stone Placement
Details on our Facebook page. This is not a PGR project but a work of love by his friends. Donations toward the $500 stone should be made to me and the balance / excess if any will be donated to The Highground.

John Curran
148 Kings Court
Dodgeville, WI 53533

As always we strive to maintain the most transparent organization possible. If you have questions or suggestions please contact ASC Mark Goebel or myself.

John Curran
State Captain


Mark Goebel
Assistant State Captain

Patriot Guard Riders - Wisconsin