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Wrapped up the wrapping - Wrapping up 2021

At Thanksgiving, I am thankful for those families that have allowed us to be part of a very special moment in their lives. At Christmas, I remember that we received the greatest gift and that has allowed us to live in a country that is free and allows us to do what we do (and I've known many through the years who came from places without our freedoms).

This year we have shared the losses of many as we attended missions for 76 men and women who have served the country through the Armed Forces, Public Safety agencies or who were members of the Patriot Guard Riders. This includes a number of men repatriated from overseas who have been lost for decades and as of last month in my talks with the DPAA, I believe we have finally brought home all our sailors from the U.S.S. Oklahoma. As most never came back to start a family, we work with nieces, and nephews and often great nieces/nephews and even more distant relatives. I will continue to work with the family of S2c David Riley (whose family were Foster parents) until he is laid to rest.

Let us not forget those services we have stood at for our own members and past members who were "on the other side of the flagline".

Though part of the year Honor Flights were shut down, we had the honor of standing for a number of "double flights" in Milwaukee where TWO planes of our heroes traveled every day and special thanks to our members who saw some very long delays between flights.

If you remember the song "One is the loneliest number..."

This year 29, is the number. Operation Stand down is usually 150 needy veterans and we saw 29. Operation Christmas Angel usually sees 150 families and we saw 29. I'm hopeful that these indicators mean things are better for our veterans that we have helped in the past as Operation Christmas Angel had more Angels than needy families,

Semper Gumby has been a common phrase this year so...

A most heartfelt Thank You to those members:
who never give up,
those who have been here since the beginning,
those who just found out about us this week,
those who struggle with burdens we don't see and still stand by our sides.

I am truly blessed to know so many of you personally and hope someday to meet more when we have the opportunity. I hope you all know today that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people will remember you and what you did for them and their families this year.

I am thankful for each of you.

God Bless you all,

John "Tango" Curran
State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders - Wisconsin
Email: SCREMOVE@patriotguard-wiREMOVE.org
Website: www.patriotguard-wi.org