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Special Announcements:

  • Mission Policy during the COVID 19 Crisis - Update
    Missions have resumed, with enhanced safety protocols to be followed. Please read the updated policy. Each member must consider the potential consequences without feeling any pressure to attend if you feel it unsafe for you or your family.
  • In the hopes of improving communications and getting mission notifications out in a more timely and reliable manner, our State PGR Captain (SC) has set up a email notification system through "Constant Contact (an independent e-Mail processing service). This service will forward mission info from our SC, which may or may not be posted (yet) on the National website. All members are encouraged to sign up (Opt-In) to receive these emails. If you are interested, please do so at this link.

Confirmed Missions:
Welcome Home from Afghanistan - Army National Guard, 1st Battalion, 128th Infantry Regiment - Staging in Eau Claire, WI with escorts to various cities throughout WI   August 14, 2020

Pending Missions:
None At This Time

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Recently Completed Honor Missions:
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Berzill, Gary Lee, Army & Army National Guard, Ret., Vietnam Veteran - Rothschild, WI   July 13, 2020
Goode, Larry W., Army, Vietnam Veteran - Neillsville, WI   July 17, 2020
Rochon, Francis "Sonny" J., Cpl., Army, Korea (KIA) - Foxboro, WI   July 25, 2020
Roe, Terry L., Navy, Ret. - Cassville, WI   July 24, 2020
Jackan, Robert "Bob" G., MAJ, Army, Ret., Vietnam Veteran - Appleton, WI   July 24, 2020 Date on National is wrong. It was the 24th.
Purchatzke, Lloyd Walter, Air Force, Vietnam Veteran - Waupaca, WI   July 28, 2020
Carson, Kirk. Army, Korea Veteran - Onalaska, WI   August 5, 2020
Sparks, Michael L., Cpl, Marine Corps Veteran - Racine, WI   August 8, 2020
Driessen, Thomas James, Army, Vietnam Veteran - Kaukauna, WI   August 12, 2020

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