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Confirmed Missions:
West, Henry J. "Bud", Army Air Corps, WWII Veteran - Appleton WI   July 28, 2014

Pending Missions:
None At This Time

PGR Events:
None At This Time

Supported Events:
Russ Cantrall Memorial Ride - Saukville, WI   August 3, 2014

Recently Completed Honor Missions:
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Wodill, Robert, Army, Korea Veteran - Greenbay, WI   July 2, 2014
Petroske, Kenneth J., Army, Korea Veteran - Union Grove, WI   July 3, 2014
Marquardt, Scott D, Navy, Vietnam Veteran - Union Grove, WI   July 8, 2014
Kaufman, Joseph, Army, WW II Veteran - Appleton, WI   July 10th, 2014
Kulpa, Joseph Donald, A1C, USAF, Korea Veteran - New Berlin, WI   July 12, 2014
Binder, Robert W. "Bob", Army, Korea Veteran - Grafton, WI   July 21, 2014
Curry, Jack R., Navy, WWII & Korea Veteran - West Bend, WI   July 21, 2014
Main, Terence J., Cpl, USMC Veteran - Rhinelander, WI   July 21, 2014
Anderson, Scott, Army, Vietnam Veteran - King, WI   July 21, 2014
Springer, Wayne H., USAF Veteran - Milwaukee, WI   July 22, 2014
Cummings, Howard Thomas, Army, WWII Veteran - Union Grove, WI   July 23, 2014
Schiek, Thomas Anthony, Army - Union Grove, WI   July 23, 2014
Egan, Robert James, USMC - Union Grove, WI   July 23, 2014
Platt, Frederick H. Jr., USN Veteran (SEAL) - Kenosha, WI   July 25, 2014
Pierce, John Clifton, US Army, Vietnam Veteran - Appleton, WI   July 26, 2014

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